Supercopy – World Copy
20.05. – 02.07.2017
Opening 19.05.2017, 7 p.m.

Sylvia Ballhause, Daniel T. Braun, Christoph Büchel, Márcio Carvalho, Hadia Gana, Andreas Hachulla, Abdellah Hassak, Guido Münch, Ülkü Süngün, Stephanie Syjuco.
In cooperation with zeitraumexit and Alte Feuerwache

Copying is done everywhere, although not everywhere is a copy a copy. From Tokyo to L.A., from Moscow to Cape Town, sampling has established itself as an art form and a form of communication – but as it has done so, it has met with very different aesthetic, legal and economic traditions. What is permitted and appreciated in one country is a case for the court in the next. What does it mean, then, when we say today that the whole world is at our disposal in digital-sample form, from the songs of Siberian aborigines to the fashion of Japanese Cosplay kids, from the rhythms of the Ivory Coast to the films of Walt Disney, from Bavarian timber framework to Euro-Asian fusion food?

In the post-digital age, artistic interest is shifting away from the product onto the act of copying and onto the principle of copyability beyond digital technology contexts. The exhibition “Supercopy – Worldcopy” presents artistic approaches which reflect the structural preconditions, and methods, of copying by appropriating existing concepts, techniques, materials and motifs.

The interdisciplinary festival SUPERCOPY – WORLD COPY merges art, science and political economy. The festival is devoted to transcultural sampling and presents current artistic and theory-based positions on the relation between original and copy in a globalized world. The programme combines concerts, performances, visual art and films from three continents with lectures and discussions on the practical, legal and economic aspects of sampling and copying.

SUPERCOPY – WORLD COPY takes place at several Mannheim locations and assembles a broad group of regional and international cultural and scientific institutions.