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A series of my works from “Re-Editioned Texts: Heart of Darkness,” is included in the Post-Digital Publishing Archive that features a great array of other artists.

Link to work in the Archive
Link to the project on my website

Blurb from the website: Twelve different paperback copies of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, reprinted using text files downloaded from different online sources. As unique copies, the interior text is modified by the digitization of the novel – some include Google ads, mistakes, and mistranslations of the original.

The aim of P—DPA is to systematically collect, organize and keep trace of experiences in the fields of art and design that explore the relationships between publishing and digital technology. The archive acts as a space in which the collected projects are confronted and juxtaposed in order to highlight relevant paths, mutual themes, common perspectives, interrelations, but also oppositions and idiosyncrasies. P—DPA is maintained by Silvio Lorusso.