I’m participating in this year’s San Francisco Arts Commission Passport event, to be held Sunday, October 14 in North Beach! Featuring a roster of wonderful artists, attendees get “passports” to fill with limited-edition artworks, following a map to find the stamping stations and the artists. Above is a preview image of my two-color “3-D” stamp of consumer objects… I’ll be at the main “headquarters” at Washington Square Park 🙂



Date and Time: Sunday, October 14, noon – 4pm
Location: North Beach (Passport Home Base at Washington Square Park)
Purchase Tickets: Buy your passport for $25 here! Or you can come to the SFAC Main Gallery at 401 Van Ness (@ McAllister) and buy one in person.
After Party: 4 – 7pm at 15 Romolo

Passport 2012 Participating Artists
Michael Bartalos, Bert Bergen, Lauren DiCioccio, Jeremy Fish, David Huffman, Walter Logue, Stephanie Syjuco, Kelly Tunstall, Jenifer Wofford, Chelsea Wong and featuring a stamp created by Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

What is Passport?
Passport is an annual DIY art collecting event benefiting the San Francisco Arts Commission Galleries. Since 2009, Passport, has been bringing together a new lineup of celebrated Bay Area artists each year and inviting the public to create a limited-edition artist’s book by collecting original, artist-designed stamps in a custom edition Moleskine “passport” notebook. This year, from noon to 4 pm, join hundreds of do-it-yourself art collectors and take to the streets of North Beach, following a designated route, to collect stamps from the artists themselves. While discovering some of the brightest spots in North Beach you can enjoy the people and small businesses that define the neighborhood’s unique cultural character.

More info here