If you are in Chicago, come check out my solo exhibition, “Particulate Matter: Things, Thingys, Thingies,” at the venerable Gallery 400 associated with the University of Illinois Chicago! In conjunction with a solo exhibition by Dexter Sinister in an adjacent gallery, this was a show almost a year in planning and features loads of hand-made objects based on digital designs from Google SketchUp.

Stephanie Syjuco: Particulate Matter (Things, Thingys, Thingies)
Gallery 400, Chicago, IL
September 7 – October 23
Opening Reception: Wednesday, September 8, 5-8 pm

Syjuco’s handmade versions of objects designed by users of the free 3-D modeling program Google SketchUp exist somewhere between the bootleg, the copy, and the translation. Modeled from online designs that seem to lack value or utility, Syjuco’s refashioned versions explore the handmade in the digital-era of design, uniqueness found even within the copy, and collaboration’s relationship to outsourcing, as well as labor, authorship, and value.

studio shots in progress at the ISCP residency, brooklyn, NY: