Two new links to two talks available online:

1. In April I was invited to do an artist talk at Portland State University and had a chance to meet with and do graduate student visits. It was a great time and I was impressed with the program. Shout-out to Ralph, Derek, and Lori, my wonderful grad hosts :). The talk I gave was recorded and broadcast live over the internet, a first for me, and I just discovered the link to the whole thing here. If you’re ready for over an hour of me talking mostly about my recent projects from the past year (notMOMA, Frieze Projects, P.S.1, and more), check it out!

2. A short and sweet gallery talk I gave at SFMOMA as a part of their 75-person lecture series “75 Reasons.” To celebrate their 75-year anniversary, the museum asked folks to choose an artwork from their permanent collection and give a short talks to the public while standing alongside the work. I chose Sherrie Levine’s “La Fortune (After Man Ray),” which really resonated with me in terms of its object/image translation. I view her work through a feminist lens and try to bring it into an everyday context.