Just out: two reviews of my “Beg/Borrow/Steal” mini-show at Catharine Clark Gallery (which is still up until May 15, by the way… hurry on out!).

The first, by Elyse Mallouk, is a wonderfully written, well-thought out investigation of two works, my “Black Market” series and the “FGT” SFMOMA redistribution project. It’s really nice to have a chance to get local coverage since this is the community and city that I’ve built my art practice within.

“Review: Beg/Borrow/Steal” by Elyse Mallouk in the May issue of Art Practical

The second, by Spencer Young, does a compare-and-contrast between the three exhibitions up at the Gallery (Charles Gute, John Slepian, and myself) and throws in some slightly strange “color” points (why bother saying that the shows are composed of “two white men and one Asian woman”? does it really matter or inform the rest of the show to state that up front? hmmm). Interesting, however.

“Color Forms: Three artists use copyedit, counterfeit, and tech to tease art out of context,” by Spencer Young, The San Francisco Bay Guardian, May 4, 2010.