I’m in Pullman, Washington, for a week to install the exhibition “notMOMA” at the Washington State University Pullman art gallery. I got in two days ago and over the weekend spent a good amount of time arranging and making preliminary decisions about what goes where. So far it’s been super exciting and wonderful to be on-site and getting the show rolling :). My host, WSU faculty and friend Nik Meisel, has been so lovely and generous with his time.

I’m working with the student body at WSU in the fabrication of a large part of the work. I gave a list of “greatest hits” from MOMA’s contemporary collection to them and they’ve been creating their own DIY versions prior to my arrival. The list includes a dizzying array of big-time artists (Nauman! Serra! Koons! Warhol! Hess! blah blah!) and it’s been really fun seeing how the students choose to interpret and remake the works.

The exhibition opens this Thursday, February 25. In the meantime, we have a lot more to do, but here are some shots of the installation in progress: