2009 is almost over, and it went by so fast! It’s funny to start planning way into next year but that seems to be how things are shaping up already. The good news (and there is also so much else to be thankful for this post Turkey-Day holiday) is that I have been awarded a 2009 Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant in support of my work, as well as a 2010 Artadia Fellowship Residency for next summer.

Both these opportunities are amazing. The Joan Mitchell grant is by nomination only, so you have to have your name first thrown into the pool by a whole committee of others that you don’t know. And then you submit about ten images (if i remember correctly). From there, they choose 25 artists a year to give $25,000 to. My mind is boggling over the project and equipment investments I can now make. I don’t even know where to start!

The Artadia Fellowship Residency is for July, August and September in 2010 and gives me a free studio space at the ISCP (International Studio and Curatorial Program) in Brooklyn (Williamsburg, to be exact). That plus a housing and living stipend will go a long way towards being able to work and just soak up the NY area. So exciting…

If anything, these grants and opportunities are a HUGE support for my practice. I don’t make a lot of “merchandise” –i.e., sellable work — and in most cases I’m lucky if I’m given any form of production budget or stipend. Thus, if it weren’t for the generosity and existence of these organizations I would be either in debt or scrambling for funding and resources. I’m so very thankful and honored.