On Sunday I spent some time on Google SketchUp (the free 3D modeling program that has totally rocked my world since discovering it) to do a preliminary rendering of my booth at the Frieze Art Fair. I won a special Frieze Projects commission to realize a new project: “COPYSTAND: Autonomous Manufacturing Zone” and it opens in mid-October in London and runs for the duration of the fair. A bit more detailed description is below, but needless to say, it is involving a TON of planning-at-a-distance. I have to coordinate so much from San Francisco to London that it’s a strange process and I’m not used to not having a “physical” hands-on approach to the entirety of the show. Much has to be built and arranged/delivered before I even get there… An interesting thing is that I haven’t actually “made” anything in my studio in quite a while because my recent projects have been more about coordinating things from afar. “COPYSTAND” is one such example and I wonder if this just bodes for more of the same in the future. Hmmmmm.

Preliminary diagram of layout for the parasitic project "COPYSTAND: Autonomous Manufacturing Zone". To be presented at the Frieze Art Fair, London, October 2009. A live artwork counterfeiting event to be held within its own gallery booth space. On the left side is the "production area" and the right side is the "gallery area" that will display the finished artworks. During the duration of the fair, a cadre of 3-5 artists at a time will be re-creating other artworks found within the Frieze Art Fair and displaying them as they are finished. All works will be available for purchase, with a final liquidation sale happening on the last day.

On a side note, some fun links to peruse:

San Francisco artist and friend Sasha Petrenko has made some really awesome small sculptures for her two-week alumni residency at the Headlands Center for the Arts. I love the way they look and I think part of it is because I have a bias towards things that look architectural and are made of simple materials (‘natch!). It’s a great project and I love the way she tried to limit herself to materials at-hand to create the works. (all images below by Sasha Petrenko)

Sasha (along with artist Kathryn Kenworth) have recently started working on a project called Non*Mart that I’ll be planning to submit some time towards:

Non*Mart is a design studio and shop that uses post-consumer waste and repurposed materials to create new goods and services. Non*Mart’s mission is to explore alternatives to consumerism and develop more relational, less commercial means of economic exchange. Non*Mart Design creates products that promote independence from the mainstream economy. Offering home and lifestyle alternatives, our interior addition products and plans for mobile health and shelter options increase the function of your home and garden.

Shop Non*Mart, challenges conventional buying behaviors by giving consumers an alternative to currency based exchange. Buyers and sellers work with a barter system to determine the value of designs and products. Non*mart merchants and collectors discover the added benefits of a personalized mode of economic exchange, where the relational aspect of a transaction has the potential to increase the value of the traded goods and/or services.

Non*Mart is taking submissions for objects of trade/purchase, so contact them if you have something you want to trade 🙂

Non*Mart logo

Christine Wong Yap never ceases to amaze me. She currently has a new installation work up at Triple Base Gallery, as well as a backroom show that she has curated called “This & That.” Consisting of work that has been mailed in to her from all over the world, it was a lovely show to peruse and it was put into context with Christine’s amazing exhibition graphic treatment and the time she took to write a bit about each artist and artwork submitted. I feel it’s so common to see group shows in which there are scores of artists all submitting works that get hung salon-style and sort of left to hang together in a lump of other junk, and the curator doesn’t seem to care about what gets submitted and nothing is written about the work or artists. Not this show! Christine makes it shine with her attention and care to each piece. Thank you for the great example of a group show of this nature that really works!

Installation view of “This & That” by Christine Wong Yap