I’m participating in this conference (April 17 and April 18) held jointly by Stanford University and the California College of the Arts. I’ll be presenting both my work and larger issues around the DIY handmade movement to talk about questions of capitalism and sustainable culture… 🙂


This groundbreaking three-day conference is the first-ever interdisciplinary gathering to look closely at the relationship between aesthetics and the green revolution. Participants include artists, business and nonprofit professionals, activists, community organizers, scholars, faculty, and students. They are coming from the Bay Area and around the world to present new projects, books, and theories about creative work and climate change. Public policy is shaped by cultural habit, and the aim of the conference is to blaze new trails—to help push the green revolution to a tipping point.

Topics of the panels, seminars, and roundtables will include: a macro look at world politics and its relationship to art and design in a changing climate; sustainable, experimental materials that are newly available to artists, designers, and architects; the impact of green capitalism on society; an investigation of the future of culture in an environmentally challenged world; African American youth and urban aesthetics in the green era; remaking and rethinking cities, art objects, transportation, and human behaviors to encourage sustainable development; and an overview of the art and design projects that are most dramatically affected by environmental collapse.

Keynote speakers include the artist David Buckland, who in 2001 founded Cape Farewell, a charitable organization that pioneers the cultural response to climate change by bringing artists, scientists, and communicators together to stimulate the production of art based on scientific research; and Sheila Kennedy, professor of architecture at MIT and a founding principal of KVA MATx, an interdisciplinary design practice that explores relationships among architecture, technology, and emerging public needs.