Huzzah! I finally got the first set of installation photos from my show at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, “Total Fabrications.” It filled 3000 square feet and had five different components. The show came down last Sunday and I am crying softly to myself about it. It was such an amazing experience and I can’t begin to laud curator Meredith Goldsmith enough for being so fabulous to work with 🙂

Works included:
“Towards a New Theory of Color Reading (El Dia/Houston Forward Times/Manila Headline)”: a large billboard-like display of colorfield newspapers based on three Houston ethnic journals. Newspapers were free for gallery visitors to take!
–“Body Double (Platoon/Apocalypse Now/Hamburger Hill)”: a three-channel video work on LCD monitors
“The Berlin Wall”: a “collection” of rocks from my idea of The Berlin Wall
–“La Maison Tunisie (After Charlotte Perriand)” and “Four Days Towards a New Modernism (After Charlotte Perriand)”: two shelf-like structures built of salvaged materials
–“The Village (Small Encampments)”: four photographic diptychs and a slide projector with 80 images on rotation