So, back in April (I think?) I participated in a panel discussion on women, art, and politics at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco and wouldn’t you know it: they videotaped it and posted it online. Now it’s floating around YouTube and I just watched it and it’s funny to hear my voice and realize that I actually make sense when I speak about my artwork. Or at least that’s what I think in this case. You be the judge!

And I just heard the latest September issue of 7×7 Magazine is out and I have yet to get ahold of a copy…I’m featured in a spread on Anti-Factory and I am sooo curious as to how the photoshoot turned out (2 makeup artists! 2 hairstylists! an art director! three hours! yow!). Seeing as how I’ll be in Pittsburgh for the next few months, I’m not sure I can get ahold of a copy in time — if anyone sees an online link to a digital version, let me know!