I feel like my mind is bouncing between Hong Kong, Houston, Pittsburgh, San Jose, Providence, and Dublin, Ireland. It’s all good stuff: lots of work and exhibitions in the pipeline but it’s quite a job to keep it all together. Here’s what I can share right now (as some others are more tentative and not necessarily finalized into the pipeline):

“The Politics of Craft & Design”
Friday, August 15th, 2008
Ft. Mason Center, the Golden Gate Room in the Conference Center, San Francisco
6-8:00 p.m. (6-7 wine/reception; 7-8:00 p.m. panel discussion)

Moderator: Andrew Wagner, Editor-in-Chief, American Craft Magazine
Rob Forbes, Director, Studio Forbes
Tina Barseghian, Editor-in-Chief, Craft Magazine
Garry Knox Bennett, Artist, American Craft Council Fellow
Robin Petravic, Co-owner, Heath Ceramics
Edie Kahuila Pereira, Artecnica
Stephanie Syjuco, Bay-area artist


I was interviewed by knitknit’s Sabrina Gschwandtner for an article titled “Let ’em Eat Cake” in the upcoming August/September issue of American Craft magazine. If you haven’t perused this magazine because it sounds stuffy in any way, think again. It’s got an updated look and a new editorial focus, so check it out! Also included in the interview are friends Faythe Levine of Handmade Nation and Cat Mazza of microRevolt. The whole issue is devoted to the topic of craft and politics, wow!

I’m also in an upcoming exhibition at the San Jose Museum of Art entitled “This End Up: the Art of Cardboard,” which will happily feature the new Craftsman chair I made out of recycled cardboard and moving blankets. If only it were happening next year, I would have put together an installation proposal to expand it. But alas, I have to be in Pittsburgh…

Which brings me to the fall semester teaching gig I have at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, running from August to December 2008. I’ll be relocating for four months and teaching an upper level undergraduate sculpture class. I’m tailoring it from a graduate seminar class I taught in Spring ’06 at the California College of the Art but making it more hands-on and project-related as opposed to readings/syllabus related. Off the top of my head, we’ll be dealing with social and political issues of production, fabrication, the original vs. the copy, multiple production vs. singular production, craft and machine-made, etc. I’ll make it fun, I promise!


I’m also jurying an upcoming exhibition at The LAB in San Francisco called “Code-Switchers.” The deadline was today, so unfortunately we’re not taking more submissions after this, but I’m looking forward to reviewing the incoming applications with my co-curator, media and sound artist Steve Dye! The show opens in September, so watch for it…

Yesterday I did a photoshoot for a feature in the September issue of 7×7 Magazine (a San Francisco city and lifestyle magazine). I’ll be included (or anti-factory will be included, I mean!) in the “Style Council” section along with about eight other folks ranging from SFMOMA board directors to other art-types. I’ve never had Chanel lipgloss applied to my lips before, so it was definitely a first. The photographer, art director, hair and makeup folks were fun to work with and I can’t wait to see what the outcome will be 🙂