I’ve been working on hand-making a classic William Morris Craftsman chair out of recycled cardboard used for shipping and transporting different goods. I based it off of actual building plans and the measurements came out so exact it’s almost scarily accurate. It’s held together with brown paper tape and comes apart into six sections that are doweled together. I must admit I totally surprised myself with how it worked out, since I was agonizing over how “finished” or “raw” the final product would look. In the end, the addition of the joinery details and the upholstery made of blue moving blankets really gave it the oomph i was looking for. I really do like how leaving the existing box markings (silkscreened labels and such) gave it a way to wear the material’s own history on its sleeve, so to speak.

This work along with several other “resuscitated” handmade classic furniture pieces of mine will be shown at the San Jose Museum of Art in October as part of a cardboard constructions exhibition.