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“The Berlin Wall (February 18, 2008, San Francisco, CA),” rock, plexi case, and brass plaque

The Berlin Wall
2007 – ongoing

found objects, cases, and photo documentation

This ongoing project involves a constant search for “fragments” of the Berlin Wall wherever I go. I attempt to find what I believe to approximate the look and feel of pieces of this iconic structure. The collection is composed of facsimilies found in backyards, urban street corners, suburbs, and wilderness areas all over the world. Plaques are made to commemorate the day and place of finding.

The resulting collection of “proxy” chunks become a fictional collection that attempts to manifest the hopes and promises that the 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall temporarily ushered in. As a pivotal moment in global history, its demolishing also brought on the hangover of economic globalization and the reality check of liberal capitalism. As a loaded symbol, The Wall divided the “before” and “after” of the Cold War and the promise of democracy, resulting in the oft-quoted “end of History.”

By transferring the “aura” of the original fragment onto the “found” version by plaques and labels, I see this project as a way to try to revisit and rethink the promise of that moment, and attempt to find it in the everyday objects that surround me.

below: “The Berlin Wall,” selections from the collection. Shown are portions found in New Smyrna Beach, Florida; Third Street and Yosemite Ave., San Francisco; and Daytona Beach, Florida.

below: “Looking for the Berlin Wall (New Smyrna Beach, Florida),” photo documentation, October 2007.