I started working on this project a year or two ago and then it got put on the backburner due to other pending deadlines and projects. But I’ve thrown new energy into it since the thought of stacks (thousands!) of these colored newspapers in stacks and on palettes are making me all dreamy and feeling wondrous. Based on the blocks of images and text taken from Filipino-American newspapers like Manila Mail and The Philippine Guardian — both examples of local “ethnic” journals — to which I assign basic colors to text, headlines, images, ads, etc to create color fields. As a translation of ethnically-specific information, it’s a meditation on communication and cross-cultural difference.

All this images are mockups of the work in progress — I’m fishing for price quotes to get a full-color newspaper printed, and it is DAMN expensive, let me tell you. Not sure what I can do to mitigate my circumstances, but I think I’m going to have to do some creative accounting to pull this one off. Sigh!

pages 1-3 of The Philippine Guardian

the entire edition of The Philippine Guardian all laid out flat