I’m soooo excited: after scanning numerous high-end interior design magazines for just the right types of classical and Modernist furniture images to use in my “Strange Attractor” drawings series, I realized that buying auction catalogs on Ebay were the most expedient and straightforward way of accumulating said types of imagery. For only the low, low price of $9.99 (for most of ’em, at least), i am the very proud owner of a wealth of images that are ripe for cutting up and juxtaposing next to strange blob-like tracings of consumerist items that are culled from magazines and catalogs.

Er. Yeah. Not the most apt description of what’s going on. But don’t worry. I’ll post images of them as they come. Heh heh. For now, here are but a few of the future pedestals for capitalist conglomerations. My cup runneth over, it’s so happy!