I love behind-the-scenes photos, especially of museum and gallery art installations. There’s something about seeing art laying about on the ground and watching other artists fussing over their work that is so appealing. Like a type of demystification and exotification all at once!

Behold: photos of install week for the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts exhibition “The Way That We Rhyme: Women, Art & Politics” that opened last Friday and includes my Counterfeit Crochet project… 🙂

two walls of the Countefeit Crochet Project room are starting to come together…

Taraneh Hemami working on her meticulously placed broken glass and ashes “carpet” on the floor outside my space

SWOON and friend step back to admire their construction of discarded wood and paper cuts

Emily Roysden’s text wall in progress

Suzanne Lacey’s archive treasure trove of documents. I love the way the white on white of the shelves and boxes play off of each other. Super minimalism!

Lisa Ann Auerbach’s red knitted American flag adorning the entryway to the main galleries

Nao Bustamante and friend arranging her video installation in the lobby of YBCA

Vaginal Davis’ ultrapink room in progress. She was an amazing install neighbor and the biggest most joyful dragqueen in the universe.

My space with plastic-covered tables getting a hit of red paint in the center container portions

YBCA bright orange dolly/cart. Just because it’s so lovely with the purple logo spray painted on.

The beginnings of the “swatch wall” that takes up 1/3 of my installation space. Folks will be able to add little crochet swatches and projects here as the show progresses….