Sometimes all those years spent as a graphics and exhibitions designer at a museum (10 years! The Exploratorium!) can pay off in that when it comes to setting up and designing things–websites, print materials, exhibition spaces–I can pull from a general roster of tried-and-true ideas.

Yesterday I designed and set up the website for The Counterfeit Crochet Project (, natch!) and made it live in a few hours. It’s still missing some large swaths of a photo archive and other info, but it works and I’m happy with how it turned out. It’s got a gridpaper background (to suggest one’s plotting of counterfeit patterns) and a basic dark red, grey, black, and brown color scheme that reminds me of the Bauhaus basics. Or at least Russian Constructivism. Whatever.

I had registered the URL ages ago but only now set it up since when the show opens it’ll hopefully drive traffic to it’s own site. And in the past it was always piggybacked onto my main site ( but it really deserves its own space.


I’ve been spending day after day on my laptop in the kitchen, feeling oddly like a giant deja-vu from my designer days. Designing flyers, space installation layouts, signage, catalog spreads, postcards, websites, etc. It’s weird that all this is needed for a project on crochet (the most analog and crafty of mediums). If I didn’t do this myself I’d have to hire a designer, ironically, so in the end it’s best to be in control of everything. And wouldn’t you know I’m a control freak when it comes to design. But darn if I can’t wait to get some real analog drawing and artmaking time into the near future!