Would it be pure terror or pure narcissism to try to collect every image of yourself taken within a given year and then publish it in a hardbound book format? The project “All of Me” has been percollating in the back of my head for a few years now, and I finally decided last week to dive in and give it a preliminary shot at life. What results so far is a four volume, 400-page each volume compendium of every photograph I could find of myself from 2007. That’s almost 1600 photos, my lord! I made a sample book using the online service blurb.com and got back a preliminary softcover version. I’m waiting for a hardbound version to arrive in a few days. I think I’m gonna go for the hardbound. It reminds me more of an encyclopedia set.

The books will have only one printing (extremely limited edition!).  I’m not even sure if I’ll ever show them or not. All the images are unedited, uncropped, and uncensored for the sake of neutrality and to cast a cold, almost microscopic look on how I am documented through pure image. Some photos are taken by myself, some by friends and lovers, and other by strangers.  

Pure narcissism. Or pure horror. Argh.