There’ll be a catalog published for the upcoming “The Way That We Rhyme” show at Yerba Buena, and I just pulled together a preliminary mockup for my 2-page spread. It’s going to be a modest size (only 6″ x 9″ book format) but it will be in color, which is always a treat for catalogs. As an accent to the Counterfeit Crochet Project, my inclusion for the catalog is just a slew of images juxtaposing images of the project participants with “real world” counterfeiting images culled from news headlines and media sources.

Some of the images are from sweatshops, one is of a policeman confiscating counterfeit market goods, a knock-off market vendor, and there’s also a steamroller mowing down counterfeit items on the street.  I’m more interested in throwing these types of images into the mix of the project since I feel that a lot of the time people get stuck on the “craft” aspect of it and I want to keep emphasizing the “real world” genesis of the project. I’ve had many folks ask me if crochet is my “thing” and I have to keep insisting that even though the project centers around it as a medium (and definitely deals with the dialogue of the craft and crafting community), it is solidly rooted in my larger practice of trying to work through issues of illicit capitalism and a type of productive resistance.

Trust me, I’m not denying an interest in craft (far from it! Most of my work is heavily process or make-oriented). It’s just that I find it unsatisfying when folks can’t seem to push beyond that simple fact and get stuck on the crochet part. 

Crochet is the medium.Counterfeiting is the message. I insist

On another note, I was working with the designer at Yerba Buena today and we were doing some preliminary color test prints for the poster wall that will be in my final installation. I’m pretty excited, I think it’ll be great since it features most of the makers involved in the project. But after working on this catalog spread I’m also inspired to throw in a crazier mix of images and kind of muddy the waters of meaning with the juxtaposition. I have to fill two 4′ x 8′ panel sections of a wall, so that’ll be plenty of space. Niiiiiccce 🙂