I’m in the process of putting together the installation plans for The Counterfeit Crochet Project’s temporary home in San Francisco as part of “The Way That We Rhyme” show at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. After travelling the project to three international art spaces in 2007 (UniversalStudios Gallery in Beijing, China; Green Papaya Art Space in Manila, Philippines; and Garanti Gallery in Istanbul, Turkey), it’s coming “home” to roost in my own city, which is pretty exciting. While trying to design the actual workshop and display area, I learned the free 3-D modeling program Sketchup that’s available via Google and came up with some great “fantasy” renderings that, while fun and a great way to stretch the creative imagination, didn’t necessarily make it in to the final cut due to space and budget constraints. Below are some details of the “fantasy” version:

The ceiling trusswork and plywood and 2×4 struts were my attempt to create a raw, almost basement-like space, but in the end we went for a more streamlined, less material-heavy design:

The gallery is being incredibly generous by fabricating and absorbing the costs of the construction, so in the end, a compromise was reached that I think does the project a service by being in the show and also showcasing the essential components: worktables, a rolling storage/display cabinet, a back display shelf that will hold actual counterfeit crochet bags, a poster wall that will have images of past makers, and a pamphlet/flyer rack where folks can take away little instructional booklets for counterfeiting on their own terms. The grey paneling lining the walls is homosote, a felt-like recycled material good for pinning stuff up to.

“The Way That We Rhyme” is curated by Berin Golonu and features a host of great feminist collaborative projects, including Miranda July, Nao Bustamante, Vaginal Davis, Laurel Nakadate, and more…

The countdown is underway: only about three more weeks until the actual opening, and I’m making checklists and trying to line up all my ducks in a row! Watch out for a posting of workshop times in which I’ll be leading small groups of invited guests to show the general public tactics of crochet counterfeiting 🙂