“We Interrupt Your Program” is an exhibition curated by Marcia Tanner and I have a three-channel video work in it called “Body Double (Platoon/Apocalypse Now/Hamburger Hill)”. It’s up for a few more weeks (March 16), so if you’re in the Oakland area (Mills College), do go and check it out!

We Interrupt Your Program is a group show of video and new media works by fourteen emerging and mid-career female artists. Through their work, the artists intervene in, reconfigure, augment, and/or re-contextualize dominant narratives of war, violence, power, science, technology, gender, and the natural environment from a feminist, or at least female, perspective.The exhibition includes work made by computer-manipulated video, video installation, interactive sculpture, and photography. All of the artists respond to mainstream media including network television, mass market feature films, computer and video games−interrogating them as restrictive cultural vocabularies that routinely exclude the female voice and point of view. Their work is powerfully expressive, conceptually complex, technically accomplished, uses humor and satire, and is relevant to our culture’s historical moment.

Also, heads up! I’ll be participating in two upcoming panel discussions loosely centered around a concurrent series of exhibitions touching on feminism and contemporary art. Ladies, there is something in the air… Save these dates:

Contemporary Women Artists and Political Expression
Presented by the Northern California Chapter of ArtTable [www.arttable.org/]
Tuesday, March 25, 2008, 6:00-7:30 pm
The Commonwealth Club of California, San Francisco

2. FEMINIST ROUNDTABLE (working title) 
organized by Tirza Latimer, chair of the Visual Criticism Program at the California College of Art, San Francisco
April 11, 2008
time and place TBA, but I think it’ll be at the CCA campus…